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The essentials

Welcome to Val de Loire & Forêt d’Orléans

Here’s what you don’t want to miss before you leave…

Promenade au crépuscule avec les Passeurs de Loire

Picnicking at sunset on the Loire with the passeurs de Loire (Loire boatmen)

Rendez-vous at 7pm at the Tuilerie pier in Sigloy for a magical moment on the Loire. The boat sails upstream towards Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire. A stop on a beach and the picnic tables are set up in the boat. Then we sail silently down the Loire as the sun sets.

Belvédère des Caillettes

Climb to the top of the Belvédère des Caillettes to see the Orléans forest from above

A gigantic 48-tonne wooden meccano made up of 220 modules assembled from oak and pine, the Belvédère stands on the Caillettes hill at the highest point of the Orléans forest, at 170 metres. Climb 24 metres and 150 steps to dominate the Orléans forest and fly over the treetops like an Osprey.

Belvédère des Caillettes between Seichebrières and Nibelle

Loire à vélo sous l'arche à Barrault à Jargeau

Get on your bike for a ride along the Loire River

At Ouvrouer-les-Champs, the Loire forms a veritable natural amphitheatre, and the view is breathtaking. All the colors are there: the green of the willows, the blond sandbanks, the blue of the water and sky, the white of the birds. A different spectacle every time! Stop thinking, just enjoy the view and breathe deeply.

To prepare your trip, visit the La Loire à vélo website

musée de la marine de Loire à Châteauneuf-sur-Loire

Discover the life of the Loire bargemen

The banks of the Loire are home to reproductions of old boats: Gabare, toue and fûtreaux. Some were used to transport goods, others to catch migratory fish.
The Musée de la Marine de Loire in Châteauneuf-sur-Loire recounts the life of the sailors and the heyday of the great Loire navy.

Spectacle Pont et lumières à Châteauneuf-sur-Loire

Enjoy the view of the bridge at Châteauneuf-sur-Loire

The elegant suspension bridge over the Loire is a real eye-catcher, with infinite lighting scenarios thanks to 46,000 LED light points spread over the bridge’s 270-meter length. An exceptional night spot for photo and video enthusiasts. Dynamic light animation, synchronized to music on any smartphone with an Internet connection.

canoës sur la Loire

Canoeing down the Loire

Embark on a trip down the Loire in the calm, just the lapping of the water… marvel at the flight of the many birds and perhaps be lucky enough to see a beaver, or at least its lodge as you pass an island. Along the water, in the middle of nature, just enjoy the moment.

Absolument Canoë offers a wide range of canoe routes on the Loire, from half-day to full-day hire.

And if wide open spaces scare you, try your hand at the Etang de la Vallée with Boyer Sport Nature.

Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères à Ingrannes

Travel through the 5 continents of the Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères

A garden lost in the heart of the Carnutes forest.
A walk dedicated to biodiversity from all over the world, with nearly 7,000 trees spread over 14 hectares. A veritable haven of peace and greenery, the Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères transports you non-stop from the Americas to Asia.

Découvrir les rhododendrons dans le parc départemental de Châteauneuf-sur-Loire

Stroll through the grounds of Châteauneuf-sur-Loire castle

Discover the park by looking for remarkable trees and discovering the rhododendron collection. With the children, discover the flora and fauna with the trail games and then relax while they play on the playground.

Baignade à l'étang de la Vallée à Combreux

Take a dip at Etang de la Vallée

Relax for a day at the Etang de la Vallée. Swimming is supervised and authorized every day in summer, ensuring safety for the whole family. On-site canoe and paddle rental, axe throwing, nature escape game and gel blaster. And for something to eat, there’s a snack bar.

Andouille de Jargeau

Enjoy andouille de Jargeau and asparagus from Tigy

Beacause eating is a basic necessity,  why not take advantage of the many culinary specialities on offer from local producers and artisans. From savoury to sweet, there’s something for everyone.
Jargeau has always been home to andouille sausages. In Tigy, the queen is asparagus, but the season is short, so hurry.
The weekly markets and those of local producers will allow you to discover them.