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Fishing in the River Loire and Orléans Canal

pêche à l'étang de la Vallée à Combreux

The Loire is a paradise for anglers and contains more than 30 fish species.
An exciting but not so easy place to fish because of changes in water flow and temperature.

Fishing is also permitted along the entire length of the Orléans Canal. Predatory species and good-sized carp can be found here!

Night fishing is possible if regulations

are followed.Please observe catch and release practices.

Lakes are abundant with pike, whitebait, perch and carp. To your fishing rods!

To buy a fishing license (for the day, week or year), visit the website:

If you already have a fishing license, check whether you can use it in the Loiret on the website:

There are also municipal and private lakes where you can fish by the day.
All details are below.

pêche en Loire à Châteauneuf-sur-Loire