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Fishing in the River Loire and Orléans Canal

The Loire, the Orléans canal and ponds, a fisherman’s paradise

The Loire, a fisherman’s paradise

With more than 30 species of fish, the Loire has great fishing potential.
Fishing in the Loire Valley is exciting, but not so easy due to changes in water flow and temperature.

Fishing is also permitted along the entire length of the Canal d’Orléans. You can fish for carnivores and big carp! In the ponds, pike, fry, perch and carp abound. So get your fishing rods!

Night fishing is possible, subject to the regulations on the Loiret fishing federation website. No-kill fishing is preferred. Regulatory conditions vary depending on the species, their reproduction period and other parameters.



Fishing at the Etang de la Vallée

Listed as one of the top 10 most beautiful fishing spots in the Loiret by the Loiret Fishing Federation, the Etang de la Vallée offers a wide range of fish species: carp, roach, pike-perch, pike-perch, perch and catfish, etc. With a surface area of 71 ha and a depth at the bung of 5 m, it is one of the only spots in the Loiret where it is possible to fish in a float tube (except on the swimming side, where a rope delimits the area accessible to float tube fishing, at the end of the island).

The Orléans canal.

Fishing is permitted along the entire length of the Orléans canal. You can fish for carnivorous fish and large carp.

Fishing in the Loire Valley and Orléans Forest ponds


There are many communal and private ponds where you can fish for the day.
We’ll tell you all about them below.

For all the other ponds in the Loiret and France, is a free interactive map that gives you all the information you need about fishing in different lakes and rivers.

You can buy your fishing licence in the Loire Valley, Orléans Forest and Sologne at various outlets:

The fishing press and bookshop in Châteauneuf-sur-Loire town centre –
Camping de l’étang de la Vallée in Combreux –
L’épicerie de Donnery –
Camping de l’Isle aux Moulins à Jargeau –
Le Caft in Saint-Martin-d’Abbat –
Super U in Sandillon –
Tabac-presse Le Central in Sandillon –
Coccinelle Express in Tigy –
Bar Tabac Le 8 pool in Tigy –


or log on to the website:



If you already hold a fishing licence, find out about reciprocity in the Loiret on the website:

Fishing tackle and live bait for fishing

– Les Serres Lanson in Jargeau –
– U Express in Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel –
– Press, bookshop, fishing in Châteauneuf-sur-Loire –