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Partying it up at the Jargeau Carnival

Le Carnaval de Jargeau

The Jargeau carnival, a famous celebration…

Carnival isn’t just in Rio

With Uncle Gérard, who’s an early riser, we dressed in white
and joined the Jargeau carnival at 6 a.m. to wake people up.


The following Sunday, my mates and I put on our costumes
(I was in pastry), followed the procession, threw confetti at the crowd
and sang our hearts out to the bands for most of the day.


We’ve lost our voices, but we had so much fun!
And what’s more, we’re doing it again this summer!

Thank you to AB Photographe Région Centre for this display of confetti.

les blancs de Carnaval réveille la population

Jargeau and its Carnival: a long and enduring history…


The Jargeau Carnival has been around since the dawn of time…
We’re even told that it’s one of the top 5 Carnivals in France.
The Carnival has adopted a theme for its floats since 1946.


Every year, the volunteers from the Jargeau Carnival Association build around ten floats for the two winter parades
(the 2 Sundays around Shrove Tuesday).
In summer, the same floats are dressed in lights and come to life at nightfall.


Carnival is also an enduring tradition…
The 3 Carnival wake-up calls early on Sunday mornings herald the imminent arrival of His Majesty Carnival.
A Carnival bonfire is prepared on the banks of the Loire to bring the festivities to a close.
A Miss and her two runners-up are elected at the Summer Carnival for the following year.



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