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End the day on a high note

Admire the sunset on the banks of the Loire


Lorraine and I love sunsets!

As we were near Châteauneuf-sur-Loire at the end of the day, we decided to pop into the pizzeria to order a pizza
and set up camp in the Herbe verte picnic area.

With a breathtaking view of the Loire, we settled down on the Herbe Verte promenade and watched the sun go down.


The pink and orange colours mingle with the blue of the sky reflected in the water.
Sparkling, the sun slowly fades over the Loire.




Every evening, the show is different. The golden light fills the sky and is reflected on the wild river.

I think Lorraine took more than 50 shots! It’s magical!



We decided to go for a walk before the Pont et Lumières show.

We walked along the banks of the Loire along the Promenade de l’Herbe Verte, then entered the Parc du Château via the passageway leading directly into the park.

The remarkable trees with their imposing silhouettes greet us on the way.


We follow the path towards the Château.

coucher de soleil à Châteauneuf-sur-Loire en automne

After the sunset over the Loire, it’s time for the show!


The clock is ticking… and we’re hurrying towards the banks of the Loire.
Lorraine has downloaded the application onto her smartphone via the link: 


The countdown starts: 3 minutes before the start of the show.


3, 2, 1: the music starts… the magnificent show begins.
3 shows lasting over 7 minutes, with music of all styles!

There’s something for everyone.